The Wizards Have No Rivals

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, December 16, 2011

The Washington Wizards Examiner recently discussed a little bit about rivalries in the NBA including an interesting quote from John Wall.

"It's going to be a rivalry," Wall told the media Tuesday after practice --Wiz Examiner

The Examiner asked readers if they thought the Wizards vs Sixers could be a rivalry game....Does anyone really think the 76ers and the Wizards are a rivalry?  Even if they played 5-10 games I don't see this rivalry happening.

In the NBA, rivalries are created by certain events, not geography or divisions.  Previous playoff or Finals matchups, beef between players, or a team's place in the standings. The only rival the Washington Wizards ever had was the Cleveland Cavaliers, and not only is that no longer a rivalry, but it also was mostly one sided in the first place.

For losing teams like the Wizards instead of having rivalry games they have "upset games".  This is where fans come in and hope their terrible team will beat a good team such as the Lakers, Heat, or Celtics.  The Wizards rivals are anyone that is doing well.  Instead of fans rooting for the Wiz they basically root against the opponents.

Andray Blatche may also be one of the Wizards biggest rivals...(daily required shot at Andray)

The NHL has done something the NBA should look at.  They cancelled out the Eastern & Western Conferences and now they just have 4 Divisions.  Top 4 teams in each division makes the playoffs.  This makes the in-conference games more important and could stimulate some division rivalries in the NBA.

Outside of that, I'm not sure how the Wiz can pick up a new rival unless they go to the playoffs a few years in a row and face the same team, or if someone gets Jay-Z to write a dis about Jay-W...Blow the Whistle B**ch!

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