Ball On These Raptors: Toronto @ Washington

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, January 9, 2012


Millionz Edition


Toronto Raptors @ Washington Wizards

Tuesday, January 10th (7pm) CSN


Toronto Musicians

I really wanted to go lame here.  So while I was looking at the list of Toronto entertainers, I had a few choices.  Of course I wanted to go with the great Snow, and his amazing hit Informer.  However, I have no idea what he is saying, (A liki-boom boom now?) and I don't think anyone reading this knows either.  So no Snow, despite the fact it was snowing today.  Mistake?  Maybe.

The next choice was Deborah Cox.  Her song Nobody's Supposed To Be Here works really well for a Raptors @ Wizards matchup.  Not only is she from Toronto, but the lyrics define the crowd at Verizon Center.  Seriously, why is anyone going to be there?  However, that song is too depressing and watching the team is already depressing enough.  Even the dance mix is depressing.

Kardinal Offishal, Drake, eh...I came upon this video on YouTube, and went with it instead of anyone established.   I found a guy called Millionz.  I listened to one song that popped up, and it wasn't terrible.  So he wins.  I actually kind of like it.  You can watch it at the bottom of the post, but it is really NSFW, and some non-good words.

Washington Non-Basketball Players

So I guess the 0-8 Wizards will be playing on Tuesday.  No word on whether or not Rashard Lewis has a jacket this time.  I'm sure if he does he will go right back into the starting role with no punishment at all, which is how an 0-8 team apparently operates.

Toronto just beat the Bucks tonight and Bargnani scored 31 points and while the team is only 4-5, they are facing the Wizards.  And note to Wizards fans...don't look at the isn't looking good.  One good thing about this matchup is it is in DC so there won't be any terrible fake advertisements under the basket making it look like everyone is going to break an ankle on every possession.

Wanna go to the game?  Tickets are like $2 on Stub Hub.  (I went to Nationals Opening day for $0.75 so I don't think this is a DC sports low)



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