DeMarcus Cousins & John Wall Together At Last?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, January 2, 2012

With all the news about DeMarcus Cousins requesting/demanding a trade from Sacramento people are talking about a possible reunion of former Kentucky stars John Wall & Cousins.  (People are joking about hiring Calipari too)

The first obstacle that people are worried about is his attitude.  If he is demanding a trade in his 2nd season after 4 games, what is he going to do in the future?  Cousins is a good player and I think the Wiz should try to get him, but not for too much.  I'm not a big Cousins fan, but I can accept what he will do on the court.

Should be Untouchable (for Cousins)
  • John Wall
  • JaVale McGee
  • 1st Round Draft Pick
Anyone, or anything else should be fair game.  Get rid of Blatche, Young, Vesely, or whoever to get Cousins.  If he is a cancer he is a cancer.  The guys on the team already are a cancer as well.

The problem here is that the only pieces that the Wizards have that another team would want are in the untouchable zone.  Other teams would give up better talent for Cousins...


birk said...

The other thing to remember here is that Wall seemed to be able to control Cousins in college better than anyone else since. Also, I'm assuming you mean a 2012 first rounder is untouchable, meaning a 2013 could be on the table.

Only thing I worry about with McGee is that him and Cousins will absolutely clash at some point

Chris Ford said...

Yeah next year is gonna be at top 3 pick. However, I think 2012 would be a top 10 pick too, Cousins was a top 5 pick, so I guess it will cost a first rounder.

I don't like giving up the 2012 or 2013 for Cousins. For other players sure. That's why I specified "for Cousins". I wouldn't mind trading McGee or the draft pick for someone else.

I think other teams in the middle of the pack would be more willing to give up draft picks than the Wizards.

And I kind of want Cousins to come here and punch JaVale once or twice, maybe throw a few elbows. Bring us back to the Haywood Etan Thomas days.