Goodbye 0-66

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, January 10, 2012

After 8 losses in 7 poorly played games, the Washington Wizards picked up their first win of the season in front of a small but very pumped up crowd at Verizon Center.  The Wiz played a very good game and looked nothing like the last 8 games.

Let me set the scene for you.  The arena was filled with a bunch of people who just paid $2 for a ticket to an NBA game.  These people were SO happy about the deal.  They would have paid $2 to watch paint dry if the regular price was like $20.  The euphoria from the deal was extended by the fact that the Wizards were leading for much of the game.

The people who purchased the tickets expected to go watch G-Wiz, G-Man, and guess at which cup the verizon TV INTERNET PHONE is under.  That was worth $2.  They never thought they would see basketball.  Expecting nothing but the worst and getting anything better leads to awesomeness.  And a win...what a deal.

And...Flip Saunders...wait for won't expect's coming...closer...almost...

Coached a basketball game!

Coaching move #1:  Booker Starting, Blatche Off Bench
Blatche doesn't deserve to start, but also plays much better without all the pressure of being a starter and the captain.  Booker brings energy to the game, and is a good role player.  Blatche also was thinking shot less (not never, but less) and with him also being a role player he does much better.

Coaching move #2:  Using A Backup Point Guard
Prior to this game Jordan Crawford was playing point guard when Wall was out.  He was possibly the worst point guard in NBA history.  I don't think I'm exaggerating.  Shelvin doesn't shoot, he plays point guard.  Just what the Wizards need.  Probably not a long term answer, but good for this season.

Coaching move #3:  Less Lewis/Crawford
The Wizards should have cut Lewis when they had the chance.  They guy adds nothing to the team but decaying skill.  Crawford is a street ball player, I like when he relaxes, but he just makes horrible decisions way too much.  I still would like to see less Young, but Mason isn't the answer, so they have to go with Nick.

Coaching move #4:  Jan Vesely
Finally Janet got some decent minutes.  He played much better than expected, and he looks much better than expected.  He had 5 steals in 16 minutes and got the crowd excited with his defense & off the ball play.  It is too early to go crazy, but the guy needs to get minutes this season.  20 per.

The only downside of the game was how terrible the Raptors played.  It is hard to gauge how well the Wiz did with such a poor performance from the opponent.  Toronto dribbled off their legs, threw bad passes, and took several bad shots.

McGee also had an off night, but they didn't really need him vs Toronto...

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Ali Z said...

Great insight...agree with all of your points. Don't give up on Crawford yet though...he's still very young and can develop, especially now that he's not expected to play the point.