Welcome To Nick Young

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nick Young is a great example of a player the Wizards could get rid of and still win the 20 games they are going to win this season.  On Friday night against the Bucks,  Young shot 1-10 (10%) and scored 3 points.  The team scored 80+ points and lost.  Against the Hawks last week he shot 50% and scored 21 points, the team scored 80+ points and lost.

This guy does NOT help a team win basketball games.  He just fills in missing points.  Sometimes spectacularly.  But take NY out of the game the Wiz will score around 80.  Put him in and have him score 30 and the Wiz will score around 80.

Many fans were quite happy when the shooting guard was signed because Wizards fans know that Nick Young can score.  They see him play amazing games and it makes him look like a great player.

However, the thing that fans do not seem to notice is that NY can't do anything but shoot.  He basically offers nothing to the team except for hitting shots if he is on and missing shots if he is off.  Nothing else.  This was never more evident than it was on Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Everyone knows the saying "Good shooters keep on shooting"  Nick Young seems to misunderstand that concept.  If you are a good shooter and you are missing some shots, you create easier shots for yourself so you can get closer to the basket or get some foul shots. You do not just fire up shots.

However as I already said, NY does not have anything else to offer.  He can't create better shots for himself.  He can't drive to the basket.  He can't get to the foul line.  He can't do anything except shoot, and even that is streaky, unpredictable, and you can't trust it.

Front Office

The front office should have let Nick Young continue to sit on the open market.  Nick Young would have sat home waiting for calls from other teams.  He would keep checking to make sure the phone was plugged in.  He would test his home phone by calling his cell phone and vice versa.  However, the phones would not have been broken.  That silence would have been the sound that sums up the "interest" for Nick Young.  Nothing.

Nick would have had to come back begging for the Wizards to sign him for any amount of money, let alone the 9 million he wanted or the 3 million the Wizards gave him.

If this guy is on the roster again next season, I'm out...

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Ali Z said...

Yup...if all you are going to contribute is points, you better be consistent at it!