You Have Millions Of Dollars And Zero Championships

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, February 17, 2012

I get paid $0 for writing this blog.  Oh wait, I have Google Ads.  That means I get paid about $0.05 per day.  The people who write for the Washington Post probably make a salary that is huge.  They probably have benefits and a retirement program.  Here at Hip Hops, our retirement program is cashing in our Google Ad check when it reaches the mandatory $100, which will happen in about 50 years when I'm old and retiring.

I hear that a millionaire is praising people who get paid to write about the team.  Tell Mike Wise that he will no longer get a paycheck and see if he stays up to cover the pathetic Wizards.  He won't do it.  No sane person would.

In order to survive, I have to have a real job to go along with this hobby of writing about the Wizards.  Notice I said "hobby" and not "occupation".  In fact I have 2 jobs right now and work 60 hours or more every week.

However, a millionaire apparently wants people like me to stay up til 2am to watch an NBA game, then stay up even later to write about it.  So when I finally get to bed at 3am, I can get 2 hours of sleep before I have to wake up and head out to work.  That 2 hours of sleep could probably hurt my performance at work the next day too and in turn cause me to lose more money.

This whole process nets me $0, but takes 4 hours of my time.  I'm sure some millionaires know what an "opportunity cost" is.  If they don't, I can explain it.  It means if I worked instead of watching a terrible excuse for an NBA team and writing a free blog I could make hundreds of dollars doing something else.

So right now on a Friday night, I stayed at home instead of going out and I watched this terrible team who drafted Jan Vesely lose another game.  I continue to get season tickets, I continue to watch, and occasionally, I continue to actually take time to write about this crap that I watch.

So when millionaires start paying bloggers money to cover their team, then we will all stay up and cover the team.  If they don't start paying us they can take their 0 championships, their joke of an NBA team, their choking NHL team, and jam it up their ass.

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Dru90 said...

teach me the ways of making .05 for blogging. I'm working for free apparently doing AOTI.