Jordan Crawford, Time To Go

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"AND ONE!!!!!"  That is the sound of Jordan Crawford missing another layup.  However, following that scream there is rarely a whistle...

Despite the fact that Kevin Seraphin was on fire, Jordan Crawford refused to pass him the ball.  Seraphin was open in the post on several occasions but Crawford dribbled in place through his legs instead of making the pass.  By the time JC was done his typical random dribbling, Seraphin was no longer open.

Crawford doesn't just miss open players like this every once and a while.  It happens over and over and over and over again.  I need more overs.  These pointless dribbles and bad team basketball are offensive killers.  It slows down the flow of the offense, it causes player timing to be off, and it is just ugly basketball.

And I haven't even mentioned shot selection...

If the Washington Wizards plan to "rebuild" and lose a bunch of games then Jordan Crawford is the perfect player.  He will come in and fire up shots and score enough points to only lose games by 10-20 points.  20 points in the box score is great.  However all the missed opportunities from JC being in the game totals over 20 missed points.

Crawford tries to score, makes a lot of good shots, and takes the ball to the basket.  Something the rest of the Wiz refuse to do.  Don't get me wrong, I think the other guys on the team are worse than Crawford.  I'm not saying JC is the only one killing the team at this point, but he would kill the team if they were trying to contend.

Crawford's style of play does work well somewhere.  On a blacktop where there is no "team", just individuals.  So Wizards management needs to do the right thing and have JC join the And 1 tour.

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