Wall & Crawford, A Terrible Match

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, April 8, 2012

In the past two games John Wall has been tearing it up.  In the past 2 games Wall has scored 48 points.  In that time he has gotten to the line 20 times, and has been shooting around 55% from the field.  So what has changed?  Jordan Crawford.

A few weeks ago while Wall was struggling and being a non-factor in games Jordan Crawford was thriving.  He was taking over the offense with his shoot first pass later attitude.  It led to JC having a string of 20 point performances.  It also led to a lack of offensive sets which hurts a point guard like Wall.  In these past two games Crawford hasn't even scored 20 points combined.  In both games Wall attempted more shots than him.

If John Wall is the future, then Jordan Crawford has to go.  The Wizards need a different style shooting guard that fits better with Wall.  Someone who is a kick and catch shooter instead of a one on one shooter.

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