Fork In The Wall

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Saturday, May 19, 2012

An "impartial" look at the Wizards and their upcoming draft by a Celtics fan.  Wizards fans may take offense to some of these views, but that's what comments are for.

By FC Kendrick

I’m not a Wizards fan, let me make that clear from the get go, I bleed green and white always have and always will (side note, growing up a Celtics fan in Las Vegas would be like rocking a Troy Aikman jersey in Alexandria) but I have an unhealthy obsession with all teams DMV and that includes the Wizards.   

So as an impartial observer I can tell you things like Kevin Seraphin is at best a poor man’s Taj Gibson, and far more likely a Nick Collison or Ronny Turiaf type, this a best case scenario.  Sorry all you Le’ Bullet fans that were hoping he’d be the second coming of Al Horford. 

Or I can say things like John Wall is the fastest human being I’ve ever seen on a basketball court, but has the least amount of fun playing the game of any star in the last 20 years.  Does he even enjoy playing basketball?  

These and many other reasons have made 2012 one of the most important drafts in a long time for the Wiz.  Let’s assume that one lucky lottery bounce doesn’t change the course of 40 years of bad luck and history overnight and that Anthony “The Uni’Brow” Davis is off the table.   

Excluding that happening, and we know the ping pong balls could swing any which way, but let’s also assume that the pick lands somewhere in between 2-4 (yeah you can blame me if it’s like nine or ten).  What happens with that pick could determine the rest of John Walls career. 

You may, or may not know, that Wall has not signed an extension yet with the Wizards, hell it really hasn’t even been determined if he even warrants a max payday.  The constant flux in style of play, and the emotionless glare that sometimes takes over his personality indicate, as does his time at Kentucky btw that what John Wall really needs is a big brother.  

Someone to hangout with, but that’s not trying to go clubbing 24/7, someone to jam home an alley-oop and actually point to Wall as the guy that deserves the credit.  He seems like a lonely dude sometimes Ernie and Tedd need to give him a basketball family and a reason to want to be a wizard for a long time (or not CHANGE the f'ing name back to the bullets already)

If the pick is the #2, the best players after Anthony Davis are all one and done freshman, Michael Kidd Gilchrist and Bradley Beals might both end up being stars, but this draft isn’t about finding a star.  It’s about finding John Wall a partner to bring this team out of the garbage with (though I will miss the gun in locker room over a poker game, running backwards on offensive rebounds etc, goofy wizards of the last few years).  

You want someone to finish what Wall started on catch and shoots and flush down alley-oops on the fast break, yeah maybe MKG is the next Scottie Pippen, but John Wall is more Kevin Johnson than Michael Jordan.  Whomever the selection is needs to be someone that Wall enjoys playing with; of all the #1 picks of the last 15 years has there ever been someone who has less fun playing basketball than John Wall.

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