Bradley Beal: Cardinals Fan And Not Afraid To Show It

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Saturday, October 13, 2012

It is no secret that Washington Wizards rookie Bradley Beal is all about the STL.  He is always tweeting about his home town, and was even living there as of a short while ago.  And because he is from St. Louis, that makes him a Cardinals fan.

Now Beal was never "shove it in your face" about DC Sports teams the way that Bryce Harper did when he tweeted "I love my Nationals, but I'm not a Redskins, Georgetown, Wizards, nor a Capitals fan"  In fact Bryce is a Cowboys fan which is just ... wrong for a DC athlete.

But Brad Beal likes the Cardinals.  They aren't a rival.  They aren't in the division.  They are just a baseball team from a huge baseball city where everyone loves the baseball team, even if they never watch games.

However, they did happen to just knock the Washington Nationals out of the playoffs in crushing fashion.

The loss was so devastating that people sent hate tweets to pitcher Drew Storen, people on the metro were screaming and punching doors, and fans in the stands were cursing in front of children.

Meanwhile, Washington Wizard Bradley Beal was happy, and letting everyone in DC know it on Twitter.

Now if this was a regular season game nobody would really care.  But this is one of the biggest losses in the history of the city.

Some fans were tweeting Beal crushing him for his STL fandom in general.  That doesn't seem right.  Many people feel you can't just up and pick a team to root for.  But it seems these are the same fans who think Beal should just up and pick the Nats to root for.  Makes no sense.

However, others were upset because of the timing of the STL fandom.  Thinking that it is OK to root for the Cards, but not when they play the team in the city you play for.

So my question is, "Should a DC Athlete publicly root for a team from another city when that team is playing a team in DC?"

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