Adult Senior Skip Day 2k13 & The March Madness Sniffle Schedule

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, March 18, 2013

This Thursday is the opening day of the NCAA Tournament.  No, I will not call it the second round.  Even though my college, JMU, made their first tournament since 1994 I will not accept that Play-In games count.  Call me when you get to the real first round JMU!

Thursday is basically a holiday to me.  I am typically flying out to Vegas to drop some major +900 cash.  However, some years my budget and lack of planning leave me stuck in the DMV.

Hard Times Cafe Clarendon, 12:30pm, Thursday

That is why we are doing the 2nd annual DC Sports Nexus March Madness Adult Senior Skip Day!  A day where you take off from work, and join us at Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon to watch some awesome b-ball.

If you are interested in joining this super secret event, just tweet @DCSportsNexus or check out our Facebook thing and show up at Hard Times for the first games!  I'll probably buy you a drink...or several...

So how are you supposed to watch the most exciting day of basketball if you have a job?

The key is to be smart.  I take a scheduled half day on Thursday and Friday.  Work 8am-noon both days.  That way I only technically take 1 day off but get to watch all the games both days.

If I've got the days to spare, I just take the entire day off.  That way I can sleep in til noon and be rested and ready for a full day of bball magic.  This is my typical course of action.

But what happens if you didn't take those days off in advance?  What if you forgot this year!?  What do you do?

March Madness Sniffle Schedule

This is actually me...
Simple, It's called the March Madness Sniffle Schedule:

Monday:  Mention to your boss that you stayed in all weekend to take care of your sick girlfriend/wife who had the flu.  "She had it really bad, was in bed for 3 days"  Planting the seeds...

Tuesday:  Begin fake sniffling every time your boss walks by.  Strategically sneeze 3 times during the day when the boss is near.  If he asks if you are feeling OK, ensure him that you are.  "I've been taking Vitamin C, I should be good"  Lol..liar!

Wednesday:  Bring a box of tissues to your desk, have cough medicine visible on the desk.  Progressively increase your sneezing/nose blowing.  At some point in the day the boss will probably ask if you want to go home because you don't look so well.  Do not.  Say in a nasally voice "I'll power through it, it isn't that bad"  Power through...

Thursday:  Set 2 alarms.  The 7am alarm, and the 12pm alarm.  When the 7am alarm goes off, wake up and immediately dial in to work.  The fact that you just woke up and are groggy will help your voice sound extra sick.  "I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, Hopefully I'll get some medicine that works and I'll be back tomorrow" ... hopefully...

Then, when the 12pm alarm goes off, wake up, head to the bar or turn on the TV, and enjoy.

*Note: A rookie mistake is to repeat Thursday's call in sick again on Friday morning.  This is not good.  You don't want to be waking up at 7am.  You need your sleep.  There are going to be upsets and you are going to need a full night's rest.  That is why you preemptively call in sick on Thursday night.  Email your boss.  "The doctor said I have the flu.  I feel absolutely terrible.  I'm not going to be able to come in tomorrow" ... BAM  Mission Accomplished.

Friday:  Set 1 alarm.  Wake up at noon.  Enjoy the Madness... "onions"

Monday:  When your boss asks if you watched any games explain that you were sleeping all weekend.  You saw a few games but couldn't keep your eyes open. Did you get to catch that big upset? "I fell asleep at halftime" Damn! you missed the greatest game ever! ... or did you ;)....

So see you Thursday!!!!

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