David Aldridge Thinks Bradley Beal Is Too Nice

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, July 18, 2014

David Aldridge was calling the Washington Wizards vs Miami Heat Summer League game on Thursday night and the NBA expert had a few interesting things to say about Bradley Beal's personality. The NBA analyst thinks that one of the issues with Beal's game is his personality. He is too nice...

While Beal is a nice guy, Aldridge thinks that Pierce will help the former Florida Gator develop an edge that is required in the league:

"I just think Paul Pierce is going to be so important for Bradley Beal, more so than any other player on that team."

Aldridge then spoke about Beal's personality and the personality needed to win in the NBA:

Adridge finished off his thought about Pierce pushing Beal over the superstar edge:

"And I think Paul will help Bradley Beal in that regard Because Paul knows what its like to be the best player in the biggest game, he was the Finals MVP, so I think he will be able to teach Bradley Beal, real confidence, bordering on arrogance, where you don't think anybody can deal with your game, and that will I think get Bradley Beal to an even higher level as an NBA player."

Beal also spoke about (Among Other Things) being excited to learn/develop some of that arrogance from Pierce when the two practice together this upcoming season.

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