Deshawn Part II: 2001 Dunk Contest

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, July 19, 2007

In honor of Deshawn Stevenson being re-signed for too much money, I feel it is only right to take a look back at some of the great DeShawn Stevenson moments of all time

When I think of slam dunk contests, I think of names like Jordan, Dominique, Vince Carter, Deshawn Stevenson...wait what? Deshawn? I didn't even know he can touch the rim. You wouldn't be able to tell after watching him on the Wizards.

Well the 15 million dollar Wizard was invited to participate in 2001.
(You can watch highlights here) Big name dunkers such as Jonathin Bender & the ever exciting Stromile Swift were some of his competition. My favorite dunk of the night would have to be when Maggetty did a flip on the ground, then ran a few feet to do a slam that was worse than the Double Dribble dunks.

Here is the only site I found that has discussed this terrible dunk contest. Its a blog called
the lancer and it sums it up pretty well.

"Every once and awhile the dunk contests actually suck. After the humongous 2000 dunk contest that put Vince Carter on the map and also featured Tracy McGrady and Steve Francis. We had to witness the 2001 cast of Desmond Mason, Deshawn Stevenson, Baron Davis, Jonathan Bender, Stromile Swift, Corey Maggette. A couple of good players but no real star power and it also didn't hurt the their dunks were awful. "

I remember growing up and loving slam dunk contests. I did watch this one because it had my favorite player Baron Davis in it. But still when the Wizards signed Stevenson, I had no idea who he was.

And now a review of the dunks that earned Deshawn a 2nd place finish.

Dunk 1: The Me
--He throws the ball off the ground, catches it in the air, and does a little windmill pump action. Very basic. My favorite dunk to do on 7 foot rims. Mutumbo gave it a 10, I give it a 5.

Dunk 2: The Friend Dunk
--Byron Russel (or some other jazz player) is about to do the same dunk deshawn did, but then passes it off the backboard to deshawn, who does the same dunk as the 1st one. And then he dances the shimmy or the skidoo or the pop lock & drop it. Some white guy in a winter hat gave it a 10, but I give it a 6. Lame idea, similar dunk, more windmill this time.

Dunk 3: The Yawn
--Byron Russel is back, and this time he doesn't even do a move when he passes it off the backboard. Deshawn does a simple dunk and pulls himself up on the rim like shaq. I give it a 3. Terrible

Dunk 4: The 2nd Place Dunk
--See Dunk #1. I'm not kidding. He did the same exact dunk. What a jerk. Obviously he gets a 0.

So some trouble with the law followed by mediocre dunks on the big all star stage. I have a feeling things were about to get exciting for deshawn...(wait don't I already know)

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