Deshawn Part VIII: The Shooting

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, August 20, 2007

Just when Deshawn starts to calm down...There is a shooting at his house...

Cleveland Cavaliers player Brandon Hunter was hanging with DeShawn. The same Cavs that beat the Wizards 2 years in the row. Hanging with the enemy!

Also 2 other people were around. To keep the NBA theme going we will just call them by their last names, Millsap and Calderon. (Not Paul & Jose)

It says that they were at a place called Club Destiny before the shooting. I am at work, so I was scared to type that into Google (strip club wise) but DC Pro Sports Report has already done that and I was wrong in assuming it was a strip club.

I'm sure more details will come out later, but we do know one thing. DeShawn can now be called "Mr Fifty" again as his shooting percentage is now above 50.

According to the Washington Post, DeShawn Stevenson claims that while loud gunshots & screams echoed through the night, he was fast asleep.

He must have been pretty tired. I guess it is a pretty good excuse. It has worked before.(old news, but relevant)

Also, No one fired shots back at the guy, but somehow he has a bullet in his leg. Either he is a terrible shot, or its a lie. "Harry! You're alive...and you're a horrible shot"

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