Wizards Forever

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, August 20, 2007

Bullets Forever has figured out the top 20 Wizards players of all time and is currently doing a segment on each player. I have decided to completely steal this idea and come up with a top 20 list on my own.

And now, The Top 20 Wizards of All Time

20. Calendar Wizard: Helps me to print out calendars in Microsoft Word!!!!!

19. Rincewind: Nerds out there?

18. The Wizard Of Menlo Park: Thomas Edison

17. The Wizard Of Odds: Bloggers!!!!!!!!!!!

16. Harry Potter: The lamest Wizard, but he earns points for being in a episode of Extras.

15. The Wizard Of Earthsea: This was required reading at some point in school and I actually read it! Well some of it at least.

14. Jaarko Ruutu: Loves to watch men ball each other. Wizznutzz

13. Wizard From Gauntlet: Red Wizard shot the Food...

12. The Wizard Of Id: While nothing will ever touch the Far Side, I have found myself glancing at this strip when I have time.

11. Wwwyzzerdd.com: From Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Beware of Pop-Ups)

10. The Wizard (Or Willard, Pocket Organizer): Anything that inspires a Seinfeld episode is OK with me.

09. Pinball Wizard: Who? He's a pinball wizard...There's got to be a twist...A pinball wizard...He's got such a supple wrist...

08. Mr Wizard (RIP): Hmmmm Hmmmm A HA!!!!!

07. Ozzie Smith: Before he was lost at the Springfield Mystery Spot.

06. Gandalf (Lord of Rings): This is the Wizard that looks the way a Wizard should look.

05. Fred Savage: Somehow figured out the secret for the Mario 3 flute his first time playing the game. Amazing.

04. The Wizard Of OZ: Not only is he in a great movie, but its semi-cool when adding Pink Floyd. He also inspired the name of this blog!

03. Mickey Mouse (Fantasia): Makes several dumb mistakes but gets bailed out by a better Wizard (much like the Brendan Haywood) (Yeah he was a sorcerer's apprentice...but that's kinda a wizard)

02. Merlin: The original Wizard

01. Gilbert Arenas: Greatest Wizard EVER!

This is the list...and a great list it is...a little bit different than Bullets Forever.


Anonymous said...

Nobody beats me, because I'm the Wiz!


Chris Ford said...

Isn't Walt Williams nicknamed the Wizard? Who cares he shouldn't be on here anyways.