Talyor? I Don't Even Know Her (Ronell)

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I wanted to check up on Donell Taylor's twin brother Ronell. Ronell's actual first name is Quency. Hmmmm, Donell's first name is Quence. So Quence Donell & Quency Ronell Taylor. Odd.

Ronell played in the D-League last year on the Idaho Stampede. He averaged around 14 ppg, 3 assists, 6 boards, (and like 13 dimes...Marbury joke). He even made the D-League all star game!

Right now, Ronell is playing on a team in the Slovenian league called KK Union Olimpija. A team that is also in the Euroleague. I still haven't completely figured out how this works, but I think he only plays during the Euroleague season. Best player from Olimpija history, Rasho Nesterovic. Ahhh Šarunas Jasikevičius is pretty good too. (Once again Eurobasket helped me out)

Not Obsessed: DeShawn & Euroleague...I swear

(Check out the Euroleague Format)

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