Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My dream is coming true. Finally, the Kiss Cam will now be in High Definition. When I see two strangers next to each other, where the man figures he’s up for a kiss, and the woman wants no part, it will now be so clear I can see the full embarrassment in each person’s face.

According to the Washington Times, the Verizon Center will be getting a brand new high definition scoreboard. The old scoreboard was pretty annoying and didn’t really give any detailed information. From what I recall, it showed the following:
  • The 5 players in the game, (by number) with their point totals & fouls (usually somehow wrong): Maybe the new one can do assists & rebounds, or show ALL players scoring. Maybe Brendan Haywood missed dunks.
  • The score of the game: Pretty solid feature
  • The time remaining: Another solid feature
  • Time outs remaining, but not by number: Some system that I still may not have figured out. I think it lists the number of full timeouts, with a plus next to it if they have any 20 second timeouts left. How about a column for full timeouts and one for 20 second timeouts.
  • Team Fouls: Important
The new scoreboard will be a Mitsubishi. This means it will have to have its oil changed every 3,000 miles. (ouch that was painfully bad…but wait there is more) They should really have Saturn make the scoreboard. Then if it gets dented, it will just pop out and fix itself. (too 1990’s?) (Does he even know that Mitsubishi makes a lot more than cars?)

Truthfully, from where I am sitting I’m going to need a giant HD scoreboard to even see any part of the game. I imagine the cell phone switcheroo game will be easier than it is now (if that’s possible) also, so overall I’m pretty excited.

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