Are You Ready For Some Football!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's opening day for the NFL. The Colts play the Saints. How can you not watch this. Here is what the Wizards would look like as a fantasy football team.

QB1: Antawn Jamison (Peyton Manning)
The leader on the field. Makes smart decisions and helps lead the team to victories.

QB2: Antonio Daniels (Damon Huard)
Veteran that was in a backup role but made things happen when injuries made him make plays.

RB1: Gilbert Arenas (Ladanian Tomlinson)
Exciting player that can do it all. Superstar needed to win games.

RB2: Nick Young (Reggie Bush)
Can be a spark off the bench, lots of potential to be the next superstar...USC?

WR1: Caron Butler (Chad Johnson)
Explosive guy with tons of talent and some swagger.

WR2: Donell Taylor (Dante Hall)
Speed & Quickness

WR3: Domanic McGuire (Anthony Gonzalez)
Not sure what he can do yet, but has the potential to have a big year.

TE: Brendan Haywood (Ricky Dudley) (yeah i know he doesn't play anymore)
Purely in for blocking due to the fact that he can't catch...terrible fantasy value.

K: Darius Songalia (Nate Kaeding)
Look at the how he runs down the court. Imagine him holding his kicking tee alone on the sidelines. You can tell he will choke under pressure.

D: DeShawn Stevenson (Washington Defense)
The only thing the Wizards have on the defensive end, still at the bottom of the league.

Sadly Etan, Pecherov, and the rest of the gang are on Waivers. Maybe someone will pick them up...

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