Class Of 2007

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, September 10, 2007

This years Basketball Hall of Fame inductees included a coach, a "coach", and a referee. Not exactly the most newsworthy class.

Phil Jackson, Coach: Everyone knows who Phil is and what he has done. This was a lock like 10 years ago.

Van Chancellor, Coach: Coached in the WNBA, so who cares. Wow he won the first 4 WNBA titles. That's like winning the first 4 XFL championships (if the league would have lasted that long) Anyways he was a great women's coach at the College, "Pro", and international level. So good for him.

Mendy Rudolph, Ref: The so called greatest referee of all time, called games in the 60's & 70's. He had a terrible gambling problem and was constantly owing money. His wife claims that he never shaved points or did any Tim Donaghy activities, but really how can you be so sure.

According to the Home News Tribune article by Rick Malwitz, there were several shady things about Rudolph. One time Mendy was told his debt would be forgiven if he shaved points. He would wear a disguise when he went to the race track to bet so no one would know it was him. He once owed so much he had to cash in his NBA pension to pay off the debt and he still was short $100,000.

So that is the Hall of Fame class of 2007...

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