Redskins Bar Watching: Buffalo Wing Factory (Chantilly)

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, September 10, 2007

Sure I love the Wizards. But its football season and Redskins time. Every week I go to a different place to watch the 1:00 NFL games of the week somewhere in the DC metro area. I'll tell you how it goes. Go Skins!!!

Buffalo Wing Factory
Greenbriar Shopping Center
13067 Lee Jackson Hwy
Chantilly VA
(703) 263-0202

Sunday, September 8th, 1:00 Games

TVs & Games:
2 Plasma Big Screens, Several Small TVs, All Games
The Skins were on the 2 Plasmas, and every other game except for the Texans/Chiefs and Vikings/Falcons were on a visible screen. (Those 2 games were on TVs in the bar, but not where the main seats were) From the main area you can see both plasmas & about 6 of the small TVs. Get there early to get a great seat.

All Ages
Kids Meals are $2 on Sundays and there are some arcade games in the back. Other than the occasional drunk person (or waiter) screaming out an F word here and there, its not a terrible place to take the kids for some football. Also, you can drink & watch football with your friends who are not 21.

$1 Domestic Drafts
This is probably the best beer special you will find for NFL Sundays. They do not have liquor, but they do have about 15 beers on tap including some good choices.

Kids Eat For $2
Other than food for the kids, the food is pretty sub par. There are 24 different flavors of wings, but they cost about $1 per wing. The appetizer selection is above average, but not real cheap. They are lacking football favorite, nachos.

The service was pretty bad. There was only 1 waiter for the entire restaurant. He forgot several things, was rarely around, and overall was not the best waiter ever. Most times I found myself thirsty but with an empty beer glass.

Mostly Redskins fans, not really that into the game.

How Early Do I Need To Get There:
30 minutes before game time should get you a table. If you have a bigger crowd you may want to get there 45 minutes early. When the game started, there were a few people waiting around for a table and a few people just left. They let us save seats, which several places frown upon.

Apparently, the Wing Factory had no idea the NFL season was starting. Every single TV was tuned into ESPN. As NFL Countdown came to an end, I noticed one TV had a game that was already started. I looked at my watch and it was 1:00pm.

The latest Contender episode was playing on ESPN, and somewhere in real life, the Redskins were already playing. People began to complain (scream) and soon the 1 employee at the restaurant took the 1 remote at the restaurant and went to each TV one by one. Instead of making the first TV the Skins, he chose a different game.

Eventually the Redskins were on a small TV and we had only missed about one drive. The Contender was still on the 2 Big Screen Plasmas and several games were not on any TV. A second employee came out to try to figure out how to work the plasmas, but had much trouble. After awhile, things settled down and they got all the TVs straight.

If you want to get trashed for cheap while watching every NFL game, (or have underage friends or kids) the Factory is a great place to go. The cost of the food will be offset by the money you save on beer. You don't even have to show up crazy early to fight for a seat. If you are looking for great food, service, or a better football enviornment, go somewhere else...I'll Go Back Again

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Anonymous said...

try martini lounge in Centreville i was there for the monday night philly game crowd was so into the game we did the wave going around the bar good specials too $1.50 drafts