Donovan McDonalds

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, September 14, 2007

The new season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia started last night on the FX Network. The first episode had a very special guest star. It was Donovan McNabb! He came to give a pep talk to a bunch of regular guys who were at an open tryout for the Eagles (just like in the New Kid's On The Block movie)

"Hey guys. I'm Donovan McNabb. I play Quarterback for the Eagles. You can too if you start every day with a hardy breakfast from McDonalds...Real champs eat at McDonalds...I'm lovin It! (where's my check?) "
The guest was not really Donovan McNabb, it was Elvin from the Cosby Show pretending poorly to be him. It was quite funny because he looked & sounded nothing like McNabb. (which was the point)

This Monday night, the Eagles would be better off with Elvin at the QB position. The Redskins are going to absolutely destroy the Eagles. My favorite quote from the show last night was "They should let girls try out for the Philadelphia Eagles". At least this way, they would have a chance to maybe gain a yard.

Sorry Philly Fans, It won't be Sunny In Philadelphia on Monday night...

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