Don't Taze Me Bro!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This is not a political view. I have no idea what questions he was asking or really care. I just think its fun when people whine & get tazered...

This moron gets what he deserves after resisting police officers. They weren't going to arrest him, they just were gonna make him leave. But the moron screams like a little baby and resists the officers. I think it was possibly the same guy from the Leave Brittney Alone video as he kept crying "help me" when nothing was happening to him.

On the news, activists say "In my day, there would have been a riot". In reality, everyone hated that guy who asked like 30 questions in a row and wouldn't shut up. I'm surprised the crowd didn't cheer when they took him away because I would have. "Oh why me, I'm currently resisting arrest, but why are they grabbing me. Help me. Wah Wah"

And don't give me the freedom of speech defense. The guy was disrupting the event, they asked him to leave, and he didn't. Just because they tell you that you can ask a question doesn't mean you can disrupt the entire event. The baby wants to ask more questions so he causes a scene. I really hate that guy.

Then at the end, 2 stupid girls are like, "He didn't do anything" and at the same time, he is struggling with officers (doing something). Moron girls.

Did they need to tazer him? Maybe not. If anything that is the issue, not free speech. But I'm sure that if someone is resisting arrest and you warn them several times to stop, tazering is a legal option. I really think that there needs to be more tazing in society...

Here is the Don't Taze Me Bro Song

And its cooler to spell it Taze than Tase.

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Anonymous said...
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I barely know her said...

I thought it was Dane Cook, promoting his new movie.

Chris Ford said...

Are you seriously quoting the O'Reilly Factor on this blog?


Anonymous said...
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