Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is anyone else watching the NFL this weekend. At first I saw a few banners on the sideline. "Futbol Americano" I know what that means based on my vast knowledge of Spanish, "American Football" Then I see the scoreboard at the bottom of the screen and i see it again during the Dallas game. "Futbol Americano" So I ask my buddies "What is goin on?".

So we continued to watch. Then a commercial is 100% in Spanish. There are English subtitles, but it is completely in Spanish. I don't get it. Pretty soon Madden will be saying, "usted no puede coger la bola si golpea la tierra"

I'm not sure if its a marketing push to get more hispanics into football or what. But it is very strange. Anyways, just an observation...any comments?

Update: they showed the announcers for Telemundo. They are in Chicago. Playing Gloria Estefan. What is going on?

Oh snap. NFL latino .com. I'm a Cowboy fan at heart. In Spanish. What is going on!!!!!!!!!!!

and now (1234 tell me that you love me more) This has (It's the mirrz) turned into a (the dream is still alive) live blog. Al Michaels just called out McNabb. "I guarantee you that Grossman will get more criticism than McNabb"...word.

Berrian stinks....Grossman stinks...not good

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Dtodd said...

Oddly enough, I found myself in Wheaton at 12:30 Sunday and dropped in at Irene's Pupusas to get some carry out (since I'm never in that neighborhood and I love pupusas). Many TV's but no NFL pregames. Just the MTV Video awards on mute with Spanish music playing on the PA. The dancing on the TV somehow matched the Latin music on the PA. So I think they've (the NFL) have some work to do to draw interest from Hispanics.