Bye Bye Ruffin

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, September 24, 2007

Do you remember when we used to dance...And incidence arose from circumstance...One thing lead to another we were young...And we would scream together songs unsung

Michael Ruffin aka Ruff Ryder aka Ruffian aka Ruff Juice aka I Rock's Ruff's & Stuffs With My Afro Puffs...has signed with the Milwaukee (Actually its pronounced Mee-Lee-Wah-Key) Bucks! I've done alot of equations, studies, and research and I have not confirmed, but If my theories are correct, since he has signed with the Bucks he will no longer be on the Wizards.

This makes me quite sad. Ruffin was one of my favorite Wizard's of all time. I always yelled "Put Ruffin In!" usually following that with "Why Is Ruffin In!". He hustled, He played hard, and he gave 110%. He had terrible hands, fouled on defense, and I don't think he ever made or attempted a jump shot. But he had the big heart.

Ruffin gained national fame after being featured on every sports news program in the country for this play described in the latest Harry Potter book...

Then one day, the gang of Wizards was being attacked by a pack of raptors. Sir Gil The Magical One did everything he could to fend off the frightening dinosaurs. The raptors were clearly defeated and began to back off. Then, out of nowhere, the Wizard Ruff tossed the magical orb into the air for no reason. The other Wizards looked on in horror as the orb landed in the hands of one of the raptors. "Nooooooo!!!!" screamed Lord Jordan, but there was nothing he could do. The raptor took the orb and tossed it into the basket of the damned and with that single act, the entire Wizard force was destroyed...

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