Graffiti: The Party's Over

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, September 20, 2007

Washington, DC now has a grafitti voucher, which will help residents get rid of graffiti without having to pay any of their own money. This voucher does not pay for a painter to come over and fix your property. Instead, the voucher covers things like paint and a brush.

The city is basically handing out paint brushes saying, "Do our job for us. Cuz if you don't do it, you know we never will" That is like if the roads in your city were full of potholes, and the city gave you some tar and a steamroller. If you want to fix it that bad, just do it yourself.

DC is working on the graffiti problem, and this is a program that could help. But personally, I like the Naked Gun idea, where the wall spray paints you back. Come to think of it, I like Rudy Giuliani's idea on SNL much better. Any time someone writes their name in graffiti, the city will write "sucks" under it. For two time offenders, they make it look like you wrote it. And for 3 time offenders, they will write "sucks big time". Enough explaining. Watch it here.

I thought about this for a second. What if you are a DC resident (not you, you probably live in DC but still "live" with your parents) Your back fence could sure use some fresh paint, and Tom Sawyer is nowhere to be found. What are you going to do. Paint for the fence would cost you like 10 bucks. You'd have to invest in all sorts of things like a brush and ...a brush. Well just head down to City Hall and pickup your graffiti voucher. If they need proof, just graffiti your own fence.

Word to the streets...

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