Wipe Em' Out (Cuz We're On)

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, September 20, 2007

The new Chris Paul WPGC Redskins Song came out this morning.

Helmets, Pads, Jocks, Cleats

Listen to the new Redskins Song Here!

This week it is based off of Lil' Boosie--Wipe Me Down. When I heard this I thought he was saying Cuz I'm All Whiteman Out, which is what it sounds like kinda. So I looked up this new rapper named whiteman and found he didn't exist. Check the original on YouTube. (bad language I think)

Go Skins

Call the Skins Kanye and the Eagles 50 Cent...

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Anonymous said...

Chris Paul u r the man keep doing your thing man!!