I Wish I Had $750,000

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just like most of you, I think I have some great ideas of what I can do with $750,000. Listen closely, I'm sure you thought of doing the same thing. I think I would probably buy the 4th most expensive car in the world. It would be really great. But I wouldn't drive it anywhere, I wouldn't use it to pick up chicks, and I wouldn't show it off at car shows. That would be no good. Instead I would get some paint and paint an asterix on it. Then I would push it off a cliff. That sounds like a terrible idea? Well thats basically what Marc Ecko did. I hate rich people! (Unless I'm one of them)

Other great things to buy, then put an asterix on: Newly discovered Van Gogh painting, Honus Wagner baseball card, rare diamonds, Spiderman #1, upsidedown airplane stamp, the declaration of Independence.

I actually do like this idea, and think it is really sticking it to Bonds...and Marc Ecko is not such a bad guy.

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