Wizard Killers

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, September 27, 2007

The following players make me sick to my stomach. Whenever I see them on the court against the Wizards I know the result is not going to be good. As soon as they catch the ball, I give them 2 points in my head because I know they are about to score. We all scream "COVER HIM" and "DOUBLE HIM" but they never do.

Players like Carmelo, Steve Nash, & Dirk Nowitzki were up there on the list. But those guys kill every team. The following 6 players step it up against the Wizards big time.

1. Chris Bosh: This guy lights it up 4 times a year against the Wizards. Sure the Raptors were a surprise last year, but they shouldn't beat the Wizards 3 out of 4 (Oh wait Ruffin did what?). Bosh averaged 23 points per game last season. Against the Wizards in FOUR games he averaged 30 points per game.
(7 more ppg vs Wiz)

2. Gerald Wallace: This guy steps it up and looks like a superstar every time he faces the Wizards. Charlotte has a poor record, but it is scary when they come to town. The Wizards split the series with the B-Cats last year 2-2, thanks to Wallace. During the season Wallace averaged 18 points per game. Against the Wizards in FOUR games he averaged 28 points per game.
(10 more ppg vs Wiz)

3. Richard Jefferson: The Nets beat the Wizards last year 4 out of 4 games. Richard Jefferson only played in two of those games, but managed to look like Michael Jordan (on the Bulls). He stepped up his normal 16 points per game and torched the Wiz for 31 points per game.
(15 more ppg vs Wiz)

4. Carlos Boozer: Luckily the Jazz are in the West. The Wizards split the 2 game series with the Jazz thanks to a great Buzzer Beater by Gilbert Arenas. In those two games, instead of his normal 21 points per game, Boozer put up an average of 34 points per game.
(13 more ppg vs Wiz)

5. Elton Brand: I had to go back 2 years with this guy because I remember how well he did against the Wiz. In the last four games (2 in 06-07, 2 in 05-06) Brand averaged around 28 points per game against the Wizards. He was around 23 ppg over the last 2 years. Last year the Wiz-Clip series was 1-1.
(5 more ppg vs Wiz)

Bonus. Kevin Garnett: I'm scared. Sure KG kills every team but he has to be on here because the Wizards get to face Garnett 4 times this year. I see him taking over the number 1 spot from Bosh. The Wizards went 1-1 against the awful T-Wolves last year and Garnett's 26 points per game helped out a bit.
(4 more ppg vs Wiz)

Drew Gooden scares me as well after the 1 fluke playoff game that he did well in. Rashard Lewis, Josh Howard. Man, any of these forwards could blow up.


Anonymous said...

The Bosh and Garnett problem would be solved if Eddie Jordan took his head out of his you-know-what and played Blatche against them.

Oh wait, he already did that once against Garnett and frustrated the heck out of him....

Let's see if EJ figures it out this year.

Anonymous said...

Would Stevie Franchise count here? Granted, he's more or less irrelevant now, but the one good game he had last year was against us. Then again I think he did it because his grandmother was in attendance so who knows?