Lebron Is Cheating

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, September 13, 2007

Barry Bonds, Bill Belichick, Lebron James...

Name 3 People who cheat...

Lebron James had Lasik surgery today. This should help him to see the scoreboard better when it shows the Cavs beating the Wizards in the playoffs next year. (oooooooh)

This story caused me to think about the benefit of Lasik surgery. You are not allowed to take Steroids or Human Growth Hormone, which improve your body, but you can have surgery that improves your vision?

But if I think this way, then if Lebron broke his leg and used medicine & surgery to heal/improve himself, then that would also be cheating. I don't think that should be cheating.

So then the question is "Should you be allowed to have unnecessary surgery?" If Lebron James is not blind, is this a necessary surgery? Could he also make himself taller or give himself a dolphin fin?

You could say that his vision is weak, and that it is nessisary for his vision. Last time I checked, Lasik wasn't around in Kurt Rambis or Horace Grant's (Harvey!) day, and they didn't die of vision problems. In this case, you could say someone's height was weak, and they could be made taller for an advantage (in the future somehow using testicles for knees)

When you break a bone in your arm, sometimes a metal plate is inserted in your arm (I would know, I body slammed my cousin once breaking his arm) I'm pretty sure he would be allowed to play in the NFL. Could a player then insert metal plates in their arms, even if their bones are not broken. I think not. That is unnecessary surgery designed to give you a benefit.

So basically what I'm saying is that if Lebron can get Lasik, then a robot should be allowed to play in the NBA as well. Witness the picture of Lebronny 5.

I don't really think Lebron is cheating. I am just bitter...If/When Gilbert gets this done, ignore everything I've said...

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Dtodd said...

Gilbert's got X-ray vision. He would never need Lasik.
Besides the laser would probably just bounce off of Gilbert and destroy the machine.