Redskins Bar Watching: The Bungalow (Chantilly)

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sure I love the Wizards. But its football season and Redskins time. Every week I go to a different place to watch the 1:00 NFL games and/or the Redskins game somewhere in the DC metro area I'll tell you how it goes. Go Skins!!!

The Bungalow
13891 Metrotech Drive
Chantilly, VA
(703) 502-1894

Sunday, Sept 23rd, Redskins vs Giants

TVs & Games:
1 Nice HD Projector, Several Small TVs

In the billiards section, there are enough TVs to see all the games at 1:00 or 4:00. The downside is you will be standing and walking a little. On the seating side, there are about 6 games that can be seen. The Skins on the HD Projector is nice.

The Door says "Must be 21" But I dunno

I once called them and asked if you had to be 21. They replied "uhh maybe sometimes". When we went there were small children there and no one carded people at the door.

$1.50 Domestic Drafts
If there is one thing I've learned it is NEVER ORDER A BUCKET. Its always cheaper to drink pitchers or drafts. Not a bad price for a buck and a half.

Cheap Appetizers
$4 for several items including a half naco platter, a cheesesteak pita w/ fries, Potato skins, and possibly some more. The cheesesteak was great, and our Nacho expert says they were delicious.

Our waiter came to the table often and was very friendly.

It wasn't very crowded and those that were there were pretty laid back. Several of us walked out unhappy at the end of the day.

How Early Do I Need To Get There:
30 minutes
If you plan to play pool, get there whenever. If you want a seat at the bar area, you may have to arrive a little early. For the seating area, if you want the best seat in the house right by the projector, get there an hour early. If you don't really care, you could show up right before the game and still get a seat. (Seating section only has 2 tables. The rest are booths for 4 people)

Got there to watch the 2nd half of the 1:00 games. They have Golden Tee & The bowling game, plus plenty of open pool tables & darts to keep you happy while watching all the games.

The Bungalow is very nice and had great prices on both food and beer. You get to play games while watching football. Great last minute place as you can get there at any time. The crowd was kind of weak but...I'd Go Back

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