Wizard's TV Schedule

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The TV schedule just came out and you can see it here.

Real National TV Games (ABC, TNT, ESPN, ESPN 2)
Does not include NBA TV which counts as Nationally even though people don't have it...

Cavs: 22
Heat: 23
Bulls: 21
Pistons: 15
Celtics: 10
Wizards: 9
Nets: 5
Knicks: 3
Magic: 1
Bobcats: 1
Bucks: 1
Raptors: 1
Pacers: 0
Sixers: 0
Hawks: 0
TOTAL: 112

Suns: 24 (Including 6 Straight Games)
Lakers: 24
Mavs: 23
Spurs: 22
Nuggets: 17
Rockets: 14
Warriors: 11
Trailblazers: 10 (will change)
Sonics: 8
Jazz: 6
Clippers: 5
Kings: 1
T-Wolves: 1
Hornets: 1
Grizzlies: 1
TOTAL: 168

The West has 56 More games (some are duplicates) than the East. Every Western team has at least 1 game on National TV. The Wizards are 14th Overall.

Interesting. The Trailblazers site has a picture of Oden looking depressed as the intro...

For the Wiz, there will tentatively be 9 games on National TV (ESPN/TNT) and 9 games on NBA TV, which some people don't get. Then, when Gilbert Arenas averages 60 points per game, they will add a few more, and when he gets injured again they could take some away.

The home games, like last year, will supposedly be broadcast in HD. Whenever I would put it on the HD channel last season, the screen was gray. Who knows what will happen this year. Plus not like it matters since I will be attending all the home games anyways.

So why write a blog about this? Because there is nothing else going on, that's why. No one really cares that the TV schedule is announced.

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