Preseason Game 1: Notes

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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  • Gilbert says he wants to play 30 minutes tonight...that will never happen
  • Gil said he worked out at Cardoza because the gate was unlocked
  • Tell Eastern Motors that Fat Joe Sent You
  • I hate this Deal or no Deal commercial
  • How can a place have 72 flavors of milkshakes?
1st Quarter
  • Names on the back of the jerseys are gold? Boooooo. Hard to read. Dark on Dark.
  • Gilbert looks like he is limping-ish, not fluid. His D is gonna be even weaker this year
  • Sloppy Play to start
  • I forgot how loud the rim is in Cleveland
  • Every time Gilbert falls/gets fouled this year, the Wiz fans will hold their breath
  • The Skins need to run that WR Reverse pass! (Eastern Motors Commercial)
  • Defense looked better
2nd Quarter
  • Antonio Daniels favorite NBA city is San Antonio, fave arena is Seattle. No Love for DC.
  • Is that the bouncer from the club last night? Oh its just Ira Nuble.
  • Buckhantz is Gus Johnson excited about the rookies and the Defense
  • Blatche gets outrebounded by Haywood. He then stares at Haywood for a second and slowly walks back in bounds. No hustle to get in bounds, Haywood could have been easily doubled with Blatch out of bounds for 5 seconds.
  • Gilbert + Buzzer = Automatic like my 92' Buick LeSabre
  • The commercial with the Kid who says "the drinking was the worst" is great
3rd Quarter
  • Steve Buckhantz went to JMU fyi...Purple JMU tie
  • Nick Young...needs to stop the hand gestures...not that there is anything wrong with that?
  • Nice one Buckhantz..."Just don't call me late to dinner"
  • Caron just shot a layup and it got wedged stuck in the rim...weird
  • Terrence Howard looks great in those American Service Center commercials
  • Haywood lookin good with the blocks
  • Gil, Caron, Brenda, D-Shawn all have ice on both knees. Looks strange
  • Donell Taylor (the best player ever) threw an oop to D-Mac G. Sweet.
  • "AD really strokin it well" --Buckhantz
  • Antonio Daniels is the anti-cat. He never lands on his feet.
4th Quarter
  • Just like last year, the 3's from the opposition are raining. "Recover" is not in the Wizard's vocabulary.
  • Donell Taylor 2 steals in a row, each followed by a travel.
  • Jeez, the rim in Cleveland really is strange. Weird bounces. And that awful sound. I call Shenanigans!
  • Blatche plays with a lazy/slow demeanor. He looked good though.
  • Game over, The wiz are on pace to go undefeated in the preseason
Washington 81, Cavs 62

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