Should I Follow The Capitals?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Please take the poll in the right column (at the top) of this page. The question is about weather or not I should follow the Caps this year on this blog, even if its just a little. Your choices are:

Yes: Hockey is great.
No: Stick to the real sports.

Here are some facts about me and hockey:
  • I haven't watched a hockey game since I saw the Mighty Ducks movie as a child.
  • My favorite thing about hockey is playing the EA Sports NHL games for Super Nintendo & Sega.
  • Last year my addiction to fantasy sports led me to actually pay MONEY to enter a fantasy hockey league. I ended up watching 1 hockey game the whole season, yet ended up with $150 and a 1st place victory.
  • I've never been to a Redskins open practice, yet I've seen the Jersey Devils practice in person.
  • When I turned on Comcast and saw a Caps game instead of a Wizards game last year, I was furious. Why were the Wizards on Channel 8 news!
  • I went to my first hockey game (Caps) last year and sat in the lower level. It was pretty damn fun. (also like 7 goals were scored)

1 comment:

Dtodd said...

I used to enjoy taking in a game or 2 a year, but they're too expensive. I never any specials or anything comparable to the $15 season tickets that the Wizards have. So I don't go anymore. So don't follow them unless they lower their prices.