Stop Calling Him Mr. Arenas

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mr. Arenas is my father's name...

The Wall Street Journal had a great article about Gilbert's...I mean Mr. Arenas' blog and how it helps and hurts the companies for which he is a spokesman. According to the article, (Read it NOW!) Adidas was surprised when they read his blog and it said he hated the original design of his shoe.

Last month executives at shoemaker Adidas AG got a shock when they read the latest blog entry from their star endorser, pro basketball player Gilbert Arenas. He had seen the design of his second Adidas signature shoe -- which had yet to be revealed to the public -- and he wasn't impressed.

That means Gilbert knew what he was doing and used his blog for leverage to get what he wanted from Adidas. Awesome. Stick it to the man!

Sidenote: Wow, the Wall Street Journal is so business-professional. They use "Mr." in front of everyone's name. I really am so impressed!

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