Deshawn's Statement

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, April 30, 2008

At least he didn't dress like Bin Laden...

I kinda understand why DeShawn Stevenson would wear a Michael Vick jersey. He is not condoning dog fighting. He is not showing love for Mike Vick. He is making a statement. It's satire. Or irony. Or something.

DeShawn is comparing how everyone hates him, to how everyone hates Mike Vick. He is such a "terrible" guy, just like Vick. Its him against the world. Just like Vick. He is all alone, Nobody loves him, its true...At least not like I do...Just like Vick, he was the face of the franchi...oh wait.

The problem with his idea is that Mike Vick was FAIRLY hated, while DeShawn thinks he is UNFAIRLY hated. And when someone is fairly hated, it means they have done something terrible, awful, etc, and you probably don't want to put yourself anywhere close to them.

Here is an example

Fairly Hated
--The Devil
--Pink Shirts
--Michael Vick

Unfairly Hated
--People of other races, religions, etc
--Yoko Ono?
--The Spurs (no they really should be up top)
--The thong song
--White Socks with Black Shoes
--DeShawn Stevenson (according to him)

This tells me that if DeShawn had a choice of Dressing up with devil horns, a toothbrush mustache, wearing a pink Yankees jersey, screaming Heil! OR carrying around a yoko ono album, wearing dress shoes w/ white socks, and a Spurs jersey, screaming "equal rights", He would choose the first.

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