Fool Me Once, Shame On Me. Fool Me 9 Times, Fire The Coach?

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Monday, April 28, 2008

Let me start with a question. Does Lebron James land before he passes the ball? He jumps, hangs for a while and seems to land & pass at the same time. Anyways...

Im currently eating my free large 1 topping pizza that Gheorge Muresaun helped me get by slamming down the pizza dunk, so I'm feeling pretty upbeat. But I think the game pretty much can be summed up by this:
  • Don't chant "Overrated" when Lebron James has over 30 points and your team is losing by 8 points. Are you f'ing kidding me...
  • Lebron shoots. Wizards turn and watch in awe. Lebron misses. Oh crap I should have boxed out instead of looking at the ball. Cavs rebound.
  • Lebron drives, Lebron hits Delonte West or Gibson, no one is covering them, they hit a 3. Those two guys hit 9 Three pointers. At what point does Eddie Jordan tell his guys not to leave these shooters open. Was it after 1? No. Was it after 4? No. Was it after 8. I FREAKING WISH! Screw Rotating. Just don't leave your man.
  • Gilbert Arenas just runs wherever he wants on D. He leaves his man, he doubles when he doesn't have to, and he forces his teamates to make impossible rotations. If he is in the game, it should be an Offense/Defense substitution scheme. Uh remember the Bucks game?
  • What the Hell Is Damon Jones doing. Was he inactive. He didn't warm up with the team, and during huddles he just stood at half court staring at the Wizards bench. Just stood with his arms crossed looking like Puff Daddy.
  • Lebron is a bad free throw shooter. Foul him. If Ben Wallace ever touches the ball. Foul him.
  • Make Wallace, Ilgauskus, Joe Smith take long jumpers. I bet they miss more than they make. Every time the Wizards run out and overplay them, allowing them to dribble closer to the basket, usually resulting in a foul on the Wiz or a better shooter getting a look instead of a missed 19 foot jumper.
  • If you are down 6 with any amount of time over 2 minutes left, DO NOT LAUNCH 3's.
  • If you steal the ball or get a rebound. DONT THROW IT OUT OF BOUNDS. WTF!

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