Thoughts After 2 Games

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some Observations After 2 Games...

Gilbert Arenas
--Yelling At Coaches?, Tripping Players (at least 3 times)?, Getting Technicals? It looks like he is crying. Where was his scoring in the final minutes of game 1?

Antonio Daniels
--Seriously? Now you decide that 3's and long jumpers are in your repertoire? Stop ruining fast breaks.

Deshawn Stevenson
--He is terrible, and still "overrated". Put all the pressure on himself. At least the big bad wolf won't be able to huff & puff and blow his house down.

Antawn Jamison
--Your flops aren't' working. Neither are your flip shots. Take your damn time!

Roger Mason
--One dribble inside the 3 point line and jack up a line drive. Awful.

Brendan Haywood (MVP)
--The best player on the Wizards? The one guy to step up his game. The only Wizard who seems to know what playoff toughness won't last so everyone else step up!

Caron Butler
--Caron with the steal...awwww and the Wizards give it right back...How do you like that? He really hasn't been the scorer he was since before his injury.

Darius Songalia
--Bad Game 1, Good Game 2...who knows whats next?

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