Wizards Play At...6PM!?!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tonight the Wizards & Michael Vick will try to avoid elimination in Cleveland. The game will be played at 6pm.

That is the worst time slot ever. It is not a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond, it is the NBA Playoffs. Many people are still at work or driving home from it. If my car breaks down today after work, I will potentially miss the entire first half.

Would this game be at 6pm if it was a home game in Washington DC? Crowds don't usually filter into the V-Center until after the game starts, at that is when start time is 7pm. I would expect the arena would be fairly quiet at 6 and not a playoff atmosphere. Hurting a teams home court advantage for TV purposes? I would be so upset if the Wiz were at home. I'd demand my $16 back! How do the people in Cleveland feel about this, or do they have no problem?

Eighty-five percent of the $%#@! world is working. The other fifteen (Clevlanders?) come out here. A $%^&ing playground for the %&*#suckers.

The only positive I see is that starting to drink at 6pm is great because it means I will fall asleep (pass out) an extra hour or 2 earlier than if the game was at a normal time. This means I may even arrive on time to work the next day.

There isn't even a west coast game tonight. There are 2 games. Washington & Boston. Why not just overlap like you have done every single night so far. (anyone have NBA TV?) People can miss the first 10 minutes of the Celtics game to watch the Wizards get eliminated.

Ug...see you next year...

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