Meter Day

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Thursday, May 1, 2008

This Friday, when Lebron is TRAVELING in DC, Instead of taking any route (as many steps as) he wants to get to his destination (the rim) for a fixed rate ($1,000 to the ref's retirement fund), the cab drivers (refs) will now count the miles (steps)...Hopefully, they will charge him (call the violation) and not just give him a free pass because he is famous...

Today, May 1st, it is now required for all DC cabs to have meters running in their taxi cabs.

Before today, cabs charged prices by a zoning system. If you knew the system, you could get dropped off a block before your destination to save some flow. If you didn't know the system, or looked like a tourist, or were leaving Adams Morgan drunk at 3am, cab drivers would just make up random prices to charge. (if you could even get in a cab)

The cab drivers do not like this change, and they appealed and complained and some will probably refuse to do it. (ooooh they could get a ticket if caught) There will even be "taxi police" to inspect cabs & meters.

Eventually we will forget about the old ways, if we even knew them in the first place. Just remember that when you take a cab to Georgetown after the Wizards beat the Cavs on Friday, you will be paying by the 1/6 mile.


Truth About It said...

I'm tempted to hail cabs for no good reason just to see and reject them if they don't have a meter.

Ugh....who would want to go out in Georgetown?....Talk about a white-out.

Chris Ford said...

Yeah, I figured I already used Adams Morgan earlier in the thing. Wanted to put someplace far from Verizon. Ive been to Georgetown maybe one time in the last year.