15 Man Roster: Dee Brown

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, October 24, 2008

Sweet Dee
Dee Brown was an awesome college player. I seriously never heard of Derron Williams or Luther Head, his college teammates (back then). At least I don't remember them. But I remember Dee Brown. I remember him flying around, stealing the ball, & draining threes. He was great to watch at Illinois.

Dee Brown is a pest. He goes 100 miles per hour and is always swatting at the ball. He hounds the opposing point guard and makes it tough for him to dribble the ball up the court. Plus he hustles like his job depends on it, which it does.

Brown is not very good from NBA three range, and doesn't attempt many shots. He knows that his job is to run the offense & pass the ball. That's a 180 from college where he was a scorer, but he seems to be up for the task. He still will occasionally get the ball stolen from him at the top of the key.

The main thing you will notice about Dee bringing the ball up the court is that he doesn't slow down. He gets down the court as fast as he can. This is not what the rest of the Wizards are used to. They are used to walking the ball up the court and passing it back & forth as they bring it down. I like the fast break mentality, but I don't see the rest of the team joining in.

No matter how good you are in college, your size will kill you in the NBA. So far, Dee Brown hasn't had much of a chance. This year could be his chance. With Arenas out, Daniels needs a point guard to back him up. It looks like Dee is the guy, as long as he does what he is supposed to do and doesn't piss off Eddie Jordan.

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Truth About It said...

Yea....but the Wiz used to play at a pretty fast pace with Gilbert, so when Dee is in the lineup, I think some of those cats will remember how to run.