15 Man Roster: JaVale McGee

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, October 24, 2008

LemonheadJaVale McGee is a mystery. That rhymes. I never saw him play in college and have only seen him in a few summer league and preseason games. So this will be pretty terrible.

There was talk about him getting drafted because of potential, some of which had to do with the fact that he couldn't grow facial hair. If only the business world worked that way. I'd be a CEO.

The Wizard TV announcers (easier than typing their names) rave about McGee and about his beautiful shot. Well its not so beautiful. It is better described like my wife; its not pretty, but it works, sometimes. (I don't have a wife)

McGee loves to pivot and make post moves. They are all pre-programmed. Once he catches the ball he decides what move he is going to make. Once he starts the move, he will continue through the progression, even if the defender is not fooled.

From summer to preseason, McGee has visibly improved. He looks like the definition of "rookie" but has confidence and is not afraid to take it strong. That is a good thing. Occasionally, he will dribble drive from the foul line. That is a scary thing.

In straight, having a girlfriend, NBA terms, McGee has a great body & athleticism. He has a long reach and can also get off the ground. He can get blocks, rebounds, and for the first time in recent Wizard memory, we may see a real Alley-oop!

In the summer, I figured that McGee would see about 2 minutes per game. But after the injury to Haywood and McGee's fast improvement, he will probably see more like 10 minutes per game. If you watch him you will definitely see there is potential, and he will learn a lot through his first season in the league.

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