15 Man Roster: Gilbert Arenas

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I really wanted to have a picture of Gilbert Arenas in a wheel chair, in an ambulance, in a hospital, etc. Instead this is a picture of what I dream of every night. The day when Gilbert Arenas comes back to the Wizards and everything is beautiful once again. Unfortunately, that won't happen for a few months (hopefully not longer, or forever).

From what I recall, Gilbert Arenas plays basketball. Sometimes he shoots and sometimes he passes. That's about all I remember. Its been so long since I've seen him.

I guess that is really not true. I remember buzzer beaters, mid-court bows, trampoline dunks...its all coming back to me.

I have my doubts that Gilbert is rehabbing "the right way" this time. I think it's too hard for him to sit still. He told us about how he went bowling when he got engaged. I don't know how that is on a knee. Who knows what else he is doing. You know that if he sees a basketball, he is going to want to pick it up. If there is someone nearby, he will challenge them to a contest. That contest will probably turn into some kind of one on one. Don't worry, I'm just playing for fun. And Bam!

If Gilbert returns and can actually run around, he will be a huge spark to the Wizards. If he can come back & score the way he used to, we may have to say the Wizards have a chance. (Didn't Boston lose 3 playoff games to the Hawks last year?)

The most important part about Gilbert is his fan appeal. Caron Butler is awesome, but Gilbert Arenas fills seats. Gilbert generates an excitement in the city for NBA basketball. Gilbert has non-basketball fans rooting for the Wizards. When he is on the floor, and the time is ticking down, there is an indescribable feeling that comes over you. Over the last few injury seasons, the hype has died down. Can he bring it back?

As usual, injured or not, Gilbert will be in the news for some fun reasons. Let's hope he can come back and get in the news for some basketball reasons.

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