The Wizard Girls

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, October 24, 2008

The Washington Wizards Dance Team has been renamed the Wizard Girls. I guess they are trying to establish a "brand" like the Laker Girls. Step 1: Copy the name of the successful group. Check.

They developed a logo, sold a Hooters style calendar, and recently came out with their own web site.

Whatever you do, don't skip the intro! Some strip club style dance music will get you bumping up and down in the office as you are introduced to the sexy posing Wizard Girls. Sucking in their stomachs and airbrushed, the girls are lookin good.

Then some great web site programming zooms in on each of the girls. Like zooms in really far. Like far enough to where if someone looks at your screen they will call you a pervert. For 5 seconds, my computer features the skirt and legs of a Wizard Girl, before it pans up to the jug region.

(Note: If you hit refresh, you will get a different girl)

Next you get to click on each of the Girls names, to see some great info like how long they have been dancing, nickname, and occupation. And holy crap there is more. Scroll down for a full bio. Seems like we've retooled with a bunch of rookies.

I could write about 300 posts about this but I don't have time to read all this.
  • Most of their best accomplishments in life are being a cheerleader
  • Many of them have been dancing "since they could walk"
  • Most of their occupations are students
  • Most of their ideal days include going to the beach
  • Many of their favorite book is Harry Potter
  • I saw "the notebook" mentioned a lot as well

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