15 Man Roster: Oleksiy Pecherov

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Get Buckets Son"
Oleksiy Pecherov is a fan favorite. That fan is me. Whenever he gets in the game, I am excited. I wait anxiously for him to fire up a three pointer, which he usually does within the first minute of playing time. When that shot goes up, I stand up like it is the game winning shot at the buzzer. If he makes it, I go crazy. If he misses, I yell for him to shoot again. Its all good fun...in the 2nd quarter.

Despite enjoying every second of his 9.1 minutes per game, I can't understand why he is still on the team. He is a 7 footer that shoots 3 pointers. There is no need for that in the NBA. If he had some post moves AND a 3 point shot, OK. But he does not. Defense? Not so much.

Announcers of preseason games and article writers unfamiliar with the Wizards describe Oleksiy as a "potential bloomer" (probably what the Wizards coaches told them) That's not quite it. Pecherov is a minute filler. He gives the Wizards some size, and most importantly, his teammates 9 minutes of rest per game. If he hits a 3 great. If not, at least he was on the floor and Antawn Jamison got some rest.

And the best part of Oleksiy is that he isn't afraid to sneak a peak at some jugs.

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