15 Man Roster: Antonio Daniels

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Come on fellas, lets run the offense!"Antonio Daniels is a combination of Avery Johnson & the catcher from Major League. He teaches & coaches like Avery and he is 100 years old and covered in ice packs like Jake Taylor.

Daniels spends most of his time on the basketball court. Literally. I don't think I've ever seen him drive in the lane without falling on his head. Whether he is trying to throw down his classic one handed jam, driving the & passing off, or even guarding a player on the perimeter, there is a strong chance that a few seconds later, Daniels will be laying on the floor. The good thing is that fouls end up being called a lot of the time.

When he is not making fans hold their breaths as he falls to his doom, he is running the offense. Running the offense at all costs. He slows up fast breaks and holds the ball at the top of the key for 10 seconds to calm his players down, and get them in position. While frustrating for fans, it can be good for the turnover prone Wizards.

The best part about Daniels is that he plays hard & hustles. He is not afraid to get knocked around, and he is tough on defense and when he has the ball. Occasionally he will hit a big jumper but he is mostly a passing/driving guard.

Right now, I feel like Daniels is the "coach's pet". He probably brings Eddie Jordan an apple before practice every day. He seems eager to coach his teammates on the floor, teach the younger players, and learn himself. A great veteran to have. One day he will be a coach himself.

With all the injuries, Daniels has to start for the 2nd straight year. He is a great veteran backup quarterback (unlike Brad Johnson). He is a solid player and will keep the Wizard's afloat in the Eastern Conference until Arenas gets back.

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