JaVale McGee Wows The Crowd

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, October 8, 2008

JaVale McGee has the ball in the open court. Because it is preseason, no one is chasing him at all. The defense is gonna give him the jam. The crowd anticipates. There is excitment in the arena. And JaVale......

Jump Stops, and does a basic 2 handed slam. (it was powerful)

The crowd is furious and Booooos echo throuhout the arena. Buckhantz believes, and says aloud, that they are Booing because Dallas fans don't like anything Washington players do to them, based on the Skins recently beating the Cowboys.

Not quite.

They are booing because they did not want a fast break power jam. They wanted a "Is It The Shoes" jam, and he gave them a Brendan Haywood special.

I thought this was the only amusing part of the preaseason game last night.

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