Some Last Night Things

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blatch: I scream NOOOO every time he has the ball. But he gets the ball in the basket. Still at his size those flip shots and fingerrolls? And he needs to foul people hard, not like a guard.

McGuire: Pretty terrible game

Pecherov: Why do we need a 7 footer who shoots 3 pointers and nothing else? Because we drafted him high? I don't see any potential here.

Songaila: I missed watching him run up the court


Brown: Wasn't he a scorer/3pt shooter at Illinois? I guess he needs to be a PG who runs the plays this year.

Etan: Is he really gonna start for 6 months?

Stevenson: Ug

Butler: All Star, he does take a lot of shots with no rebounders in place.

Daniels: I don't even remember him playing

Lyndon Johnson: Laterz

Taj McCullough: Adios

DerMarr Johnson: I don't see it.

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