Wizard's Drinking Game

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Check out the Express Night Out as they have some ways to make the Wizard's season fun this year through all the dissappointment that is likely to come. Included is a drinking game for watching the game at home with the announcers. My favorite has to be:
Drink any time Steve says, "... and Blatche gets the rebound, dribbles up court
... aaaaaand he turns it over."

This is a good list for a drinking game. They left out a few key points that I think should be added.
  • Drink any time Buckhantz says "thats his Xth three pointer of the season"
  • Drink any time Phil ruins a "Dagger" with an "Oh Baby"
  • Drink any time one of the announcers "was looking at the wrong player on the stat sheet" after announcing an incorrect stat
And similar to announcing catch phrases
  • Drink any time the camera crew can't keep up with the action

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