Looking Forward

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here are some things you will see this year at the Verizon Center
  • The crowd will errupt in self congratulation & "I told you!" when the answer is revealed to the cup switcheroo game. Even though it is simple, people are overly proud when they get it right
  • The Dunkin Donut race will end, and some level will receive free coffee. 1 Person will take advantage of this offer
  • Guys In Pink Shirts At Wizards Games
  • George Muresaun will be around
  • Clinton Portis will be courtside. You will know it is Portis because even in the upper decks you can see the guy dressed like a clown in the front row
  • They will come up with some new scoreboard flashes during foul shots. They will stick with the classics as well. Dallas logo & Lebron James photo
  • You will catch a burrito in the upper deck. When you open that burrito, you will discover it is a t-shirt.
  • You will catch a t-shirt. When you examine that t-shirt you will discover that it will not fit you or anyone you know
  • Some loser with glasses, corduroy pants, backwards hat, & Pink Shirt will attempt the Papa John's Pizza Shot. You will not have free pizza the next day.
  • G-Man will do his trampoline dunk. Someone who has yet to see G-Man will be sitting next to you. It will be the happiest day of their life.
  • You will see little kids playing basketball. People will cheer like an impossible feat happened when they score. Even if they are like 14 years old and fully capable of playing basketball.
  • You will go home dissappointed

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