I'm Scared!!!

Written By Chris C-Ford ---- Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm scared that if we change anything with the Washington Wizards, the team will no longer be mediocre. While I would like them to be awesome, I am content with attending one playoff series. In fact one playoff series with the possibility for more is a great thing. Even if they lose. I had a great time the last 3 years.

But if they fall out of the playoffs, I think my life would be over. Firing the coach could spark them, but why risk it. We know what we have. We have a team that is most likely going to finish in the top 8, and allow me to attend some NBA playoff action. This is my selfish reason.

However, over at Ball Don't Lie, good points are made. And while it may help the Wizards, I have to ask you? How will it help me not be scared!

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